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Conversation Between nrL and raqyee

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  1. this VN thing is a lot different from what I thought it is, now I'll definitely check it out.
  2. Well...personally I adore VNs as a medium and I really liked this one...the Type-moon multiverse(tsukihime, fate/stay night, kara no kyoukai) is my favorite urban fantasy setting and, truth be told, Tsukihime is a very good VN all in itself(9 regular endings, 30 "fail" ones in which the protagonist dies before the plot climax and 1 ultimate one).
  3. visual novel?! but I haaaate reading ^^
    Guess I'll check it out just a little

    Also, Tsukihime is an awesome visual novel. I heard they made anime out of it but I also heard it's way worse. Not surprised-adaptation is usually inferior to the original
  5. thx, who is kohaku btw, cba to google
  6. It's double fun cause it's...well, actually, true, story-wise.
    Anyway Kohaku is aweeeeeessssome.

    But still Kona-chan is my life paragon and thus I ADORE your avy and sig
  7. haha love the new ava
  8. Kona-chan!!
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