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Conversation Between MidnightShadow20 and Simphoni

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  1. No, i dont play any sports :/
    But i do like swimming and baseball XD, hbu?
  2. I also love 2 read and I also love 2 draw
    Do u play any sports?
  3. A few.. like to read, explore, collect stuff, draw ect.. hbu?
  4. Hmmmm............................................. ....................
    I've never heard of that anime
    If I had choose 1 I guess it would be............
    Eureka7 (^_^)
    So do u have any hobbies?
  5. Hmm... thats a hard question lol- maybe... Suzumiya Haurhi no Yuutsu? XD
  6. Wow!!! The way u describe fan fiction, it must be really cool

    If u could read a book about something, which anime would it be about? *there is no pics in this book*
  7. Same!
    I used to read alot of fan fiction.. but alot of the time its hard to find one thats really good on DeviantArt :/ Although theres always
  8. I love 2 draw but only sumtimes because the other times Im reading fascinating books
    I love drawing Manga!!
  9. Course i draw, all the time! hbu?
  10. Thats AWESOME!!
    I like anime's with: love, love scenes, action, action scenes, drama and people aren't human who have powers of sum sort or fall in love with a human or the human falls in love with that person.
    But overall there has 2 be girls who are able 2 fight and fight eacgother.

    I c u love art, do u draw?
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