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Conversation Between MidnightShadow20 and Simphoni

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  1. Ive had a numorous amount of weird events occur in my life XD
    But heres one from today-

    So i was in the mall, with a few friends ive known for a long time. And we were walking out of this one store when a guy (looked about the age of 17 or so) yelled out to us "HEY! YOUR BEAUTIFUL! ALL OF YOU!" So we shout back "WOOHOO!!!" And then he runs down a hall way that was around the corner. He was a few feet away from us and as we were passing by the hall he was like dancing with his headphones on. It was really funny XD
  2. I also don't have 1
    I'm just trying 2 ask random quezzies

    I've got it!!

    What's the weirdest thing that's ever happened 2?
  3. Actually no, i dont have a favorite number.. :/ hbu? xD
  4. NO WAY!?!?!?!? *she said with a gaping mouth* =0
    Those r my favorite colours 2!!
    Along with Black
    Those r my 3 favorite colours

    Do u have a favorite number?
  5. Red & Blue, hbu? =)
  6. Hermit Crabs r my favret type of....................errrrm.....................

    Wat's ur favret........uhhhhhhh..................Colour?
  7. I has a cat and a hermit crab XD
  8. I'm not vey good either *that's sorta why I asked u*

    Yeah I have pets...........well actually I only have 2
    They're both dogs *If u were wondering*

    How about u?
  9. Ahaha~ im not very good with conversations..
    Hmm.. do you have any pets?
  10. I also love 2 swim!!
    I also do Atletics and Netball *but more for the competition than for fun* *hehehehehe*

    I'm sorry, Im all out of ideas 2 start a conversation :/
    Do u have anything?
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