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Conversation Between MidnightShadow20 and Simphoni

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  1. Oh sorry!!
    I'm sure you'll get it right
    Do u have anything else to talk about?
  2. Oh because i put the Evil Happy Face.. And it turned into a "> " face.. XDD
  3. I know right?!
    I can't help it, it's a really weird word

    Wat do u mean "Lol fail?!"
  4. Lol fail- *>: D
  5. Eh heh heh heh exacution >
  6. SHADAZZLE!!!!
    That's a really cool word!!

    My favret word is Exacution, if u say it in an evil voice, then it sounds pretty cool 2 me
    Other words are: Supacalafradgalisticexpialidotious I think thats how u say it *she said out of breath*
  7. Alot of the words i randomly make up become my favorite words.. XD
    BUT, my favorite is the word "Shadazzle"
    I love saying it XD And i thought it was MY word that I made up.... and then i found out its some kind of all purpose natural cleaner. ._.
    Ha, its kinda funny XD
  8. Yeah it is >.<
    Thanx 4 understanding

    Wat's ur favret word?
  9. LOL its like one of those "lol wut" moments XD
  10. Cool!!!
    U look pretty 2 me

    I was with my friends wen all of a sudden I felt a weird breeze and wen I looked down I saw that a piece of clothing was missing
    It was just a clip on piece (at least) I saw who got it so I dropped my burger and ran after the person, wen I got round the corner, the person was gone, so I thought.

    I felt something grab me from behind and wen I looked it was just my old friend trying 2 get my attention!!

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