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Conversation Between MidnightShadow20 and Simphoni

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  1. Just going with the flow is how live life
    I've been ok :/

    At school we had so much fun!!!
    We dared each-other to dance to any song the other person played 4 them
    So wen it was my turn.......btw I was really excited to show off my MAD skills LOL!!!!!! XDD
    Wen it was my turn they played CLASSICAL music.I mean REALLY??!! How was I suppose 2 dance to that??!! But I did anyway...I didn't win anyways........but it was fun!!! LOL!!!!! XDD
    But not today though :/

    It seems like ur days have been going well
  2. I totally agree lol, and haha- Ive been here and there.. The other day i was out at the beach and i have art classes and stuff so yeah... i just go with the flow XDD
  3. I know right????!!!!
    Out of all my friends, I'm the only 1 who dances in public, I don't care wat people tink
    If u love the song than njoy it

    Where have u been all this time? *if I may ask*
  4. Lol techno and trance always makes me get so hyper so i just start bouncing around and jumping XDDD
  5. I know right?!?! ^_^
    Weneva I listen to Techno I ALWAYS do the WORST robot dance EVER!!!!!
  6. Zomg i totally forgot techno ;A;

    I freakin' love techno.. the beat is so catchy XD
  7. I also listen to Japanese songs (varies)
    Sometimes I listen to the radio or bands
    I listen to Paramore, Flyleaf or Evanescence every now and then

    Hey u know the Japanese songs u listen to?
    I know it varies from time to time but....Do u listen to Techno?
  8. Well i usually listen to Japanese music (it varies)..And i listen to anime songs, and Vocaloid... Im quite an otaku really.. xD I also love OwlCity and Nickasaur..
    Other than that, really anything that's playing on the radio

  9. I've got it!! *she said snapping her fingers*

    What type of music do u listen to?
  10. Hmm.. not really :/ You?
    Im sure we can find something to chat about though =)
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