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Conversation Between MidnightShadow20 and Simphoni

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  1. I know right!!
    SHWEET!!!! My friends and I.......well mainly me......kept saying SHWEET!!!
    Today was sooooo AWESOME!!!! We ALWAYS have fun on a Monday!!
    But Fridays are ALWAYS soooooooooooo boring!! SUCKS!!.........Sooooooo not SHWEET!!

    How was ur day??!! I hope it was as awesome as mine??!!
  2. LOL Shweet is an amazing word XDD
  3. Sounds SHWEET!!!!!
    I got a new favorite word............SHWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Say SHWEET just to make me feel better!!

    It sounds sorta like AF.........But then again.......I have been wrong
  4. Lol yeah it really is once you get like used to it and everything. You make alot of really cool friends on there too :P
  5. Deviantart seems like fun!! :P
  6. LOL i know what you mean XD and yes! i am on deviant art X//D
  7. I know wat u mean!! It's awesome to have friends that u ALWAYS have fun with!!

    I draw do I put this??!!

    If I see a realyy cool anime pic I will imediately start to draw or copy it. Sometimes........when inspiration hits me........I draw pics of my own creation/design.

    No I'm not on :/
    R u??!!

    I've heard of Chobits b4.........I've also seen some pics of it.....But never watched
    SORRY!!!! xD
  8. -Cool :'D What do you like to draw? Are you on
    -And well, there were a few animes ive been meaning to watch that i got to- like Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu, and Chobits! :3
    -LOL thats awesome, and its winter over where you live?

    -And yeah my school was fun most of the time. My old class mates were hilarious. There was almost never a dull moment XD Im going into High school in about a month though, but hopefully it'll be just as interesting.. Or even better than that XDDDD
  9. My school is A LOT fun!!!! LOL!! XDD

    U draw??!! No way.......So do I!!
    Wat animes r u catching up on? Hope they're SWEET??!!
    My Winter vacation ended like 1 week ago. But it was cool cause we danced till we couldn't anymore!! LOL!! XDD

    Isn't ur school fun??!!
  10. LOL your school sounds so much fun XD

    And eh, it picks up.. and then it drops down.. Im on summer break and ive been doing nothing for like the few days/weeks... But ive been catching up on my art, and a few anime series.. so i guess thats alright lol
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