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Conversation Between MidnightShadow20 and Simphoni

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  1. Oh i know how that feels :/ But that's what makes us stronger y'know?
    And haha no worries. Nothing new really happened either besides School starting again XD
  2. ^^ LOL!! Oh u!! ^-^

    I understand what u mean!! I use like this guy at my school soooooooooo much because of how cool I thought he was and how we use to hang out but then I started seeing that he acted differently around different people and how cruel he could be to me and he thought it was funny!! I hated him for that and we use to be mortal enemies and then we liked each-other and now I hate him even more than I did before!! I can't stand to even look at his face some-times.

    Have u done anything new recently??
    *sorry 4 the late reply*
  3. Lol yes that is true ^_^

    Lol i just like this guy i've known for like ever XD And then i stopped liking him because well... he had different thoughts of people and we gradually stopped talking. But now we are again and stuff. And even then its still not gonna end up any good XD
  4. WooooooooHoooooooo!!
    I love my BFF!!!! :P

    I would like anything that's cool and has to be a girl and HAS to represent me!!
    U know my type of my mood(s) and how AMAZINGLY AWESOME I am!!!!
    I think that COULD help..........

    I've got A LOT of time..............
    Please do tell?? Unless it's a secret type thing.........Then I said understand
    But BFF's ARE practically sisters.....ya know??
  5. Lol of course we can be best friends ^.^
    And lol sure what would you like?

    And heheh.. its a long story XD
  6. I'm glad that I have BEST FRIEND!!! Do u wanna be best friends??

    Thanx!! If I've made u happy then I'm happy!!
    So u did draw it!? I love it a lot!!
    .................................................. ........................

    Could u make ME 1??

    I see that ur mood is 'inlove'
    Can I ask WHY?????!!!!!!
  7. Lol your energy always makes me feel happy XD
    Sorry i haven't responded in so long. I've haven't been on much.

    And haha, thank you! Im glad you like. And i guess so, I've had art theft problems in the past so be sure to credit me if anything ^.^
  8. SHWEET!! is no longer my favorite word!! :/
    I don't think I have 1 any-more :/

    So pretty much............what ur trying to say is.........that at ur school..........ur days r sorta reverse to mine
    And ur soooooooooooo right!! Everyday has it's own funny twist!!

    OMGGG!!!!! Today at my school was cook day!! A fried and I made a tart
    LEMON to be exact. It was soooooooooooooooooooo fun!! We even whipped cream!!!! I WHIPPED CREAM!!!!!!!!!!! It tasted sooooooo good!! But after every-one had a taste......we were all like
    "my tummy hurts" and "I don't feel so hot" But it did taste good!!

    And when-ever some-one I don't feel so hot we alwys say "u don't look hot either!!"

    And did u draw ur new profile pic??!! It's sooooo SHWEET!!!!!!!!!!! It's soooooooo cute!! I love it!! I hope u don't min if I save it to my documents??!!
  9. Lol i meant to put eh instead of ew XD
  10. Ew, my days have been a little boring.. XD
    But really? Thats cool o: Mondays at my old school were usually sleepy and kinda boring...And then Fridays would be more fun XD But everyday really had its own funny twist to it XD
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