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Conversation Between MidnightShadow20 and Simphoni

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  1. I TOTALLY KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    School Really does........... But I'm going to High School Next year. which will be in a couple hours!!
    Its gonna be 2012 SOOOOOOOOON!!!! I never said Merry Christmas!! So......... Merry Christmas!!!!
    And have a happy New Year!!!!!!!!..........
    My life is going AWESOME-ish..... BUT NOW ITS AWESOMER because my AWESOME BFF is back!!!!
    I missed my sister SOOOOOOOOOO much!! :C (gives a girly girl, sister hug)
  2. My goodness i haven't talked to you in FOREVER x_x School really does take alot out of everything, doesnt it? XD
    Hows life with you? I miss talking to my awesome bff :c
  3. OMG!!!!!! I don't remember the last time I came to your page!!!!!!! I LURVE THE COLOURS!!!!!!!!!
    No way!!!!!!????? I'm 13!!! We r such AWESOME BF's!!!! LoL!!!

    I know hey!!!!!!!! What's been keeping you busy for so long!!!!!!???? I missed you man!!
    But how r u!!??
  4. I am 14. ^_^ Long time no talk
  5. Can I also ask u.........
    How old r u?????
    I'm 13
  6. I know hey..............Didn't I tell u I went to the beach????
    Well that's where I went...............^,^

    To get where we went..........We had to drive for like 6hours something
    And the day we left............That night.
    There was a TORNADO!!!!! 16 people were killed and over 1000 were left homeless
    And it was SO close to where I lived it's scary.........Thinking of it still gets me frightened

    I hope u enjoyed the wedding..........^,^
    At least ur here to talk to me about it....................*gives a friendly hug*
  7. Oh that sucks :/ Where did you go?

    Lolol i know how it feels because we had to take like 6 hour drive for my cousins wedding and that was the weekend a hurricane was coming so it was very much stressful XD
  8. WOW!!! Ur week didnt go SO well!!
    I know how THAT feels like!! At least it's been a month.

    We went on vacation for 3 days. We went to the beach
    BUT it rained ever since we left home. we had to drive for 6 hours and during the 6 hours it rained, then we when we got in our hotel room, it rained and when I went to my cousins house, it rained!! Then we left and we were driving home.
    GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!????????? It was a nice, hot, sunny day!! Not a cloud in the sky!! I was so sad!!
    Can u imagine that???!!!!
  9. Yeah no one was able to work things out during the vacation so like its been very hectic and unorganized.. I got pretty unlucky because they switched my schedule on the 1st day and did tell me until last week.. So it was really crazy XD And then i was marked absent all this week thanks to a mix up in the computers. But that got fixed too.. Its getting better though since its been a month but yeah..
  10. I understand that.............U feel most alive on the brink of death ya know??

    Oh.............That sucks............I hope ur enjoying it??
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