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Conversation Between ApathyCompleX and Sighanide

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  1. How'd that work out for you?
  2. So, what you up to at the moment?
  3. No, releasing it for android devices would kill it. I wouldn't know how anyway. Releasing it for consoles would probably be a bad idea, since there are too many controls to be easily implemented on the XBOX and PS3. it wouldn't sell on a PS3 anyway.

    I have a few, but none of them are really good anime artists.
    Jesus Feliberti
    Tyler Yang
    Jordan Cobbs
    John Hills
    Henry Martin-Checkhov
    Lexington Hollard
    so forth...

    not sure i can help you all that much
  4. gothic fiction is, as the phrase suggests, fiction that is gothic. your game is already in the 'gothic fiction' category btw. saying "good luck" would be pointless cuz I learned from a game-developer-friend that all a game-developer ever needs is determination...

    btw I haven't checked the game yet, but wouldn't it be more famous if you released it for Android devices too?

    I'd like to hear your recommendations.
  5. Actually i've never heard of gothic fiction, and hadn't even thought of it while making the game, so I can't apply what you're saying to it EXACTLY, but I get the gist.
    And i'm not sure what "i'll wish you determination" means.
    Would you like to hear my artist recommendations?
  6. I've always had a thing for what's known as "Gothic Fiction," so I guess I definitely am your type of audience. the game seems solid, and I'm not one to give compliments. focusing on the game's environment is good. from what I can see, the essence of any gothic work lies in the atmosphere created by the coexistence of its formative parts (such as characterization, setting, story, music, etc...). in other words, this type of fiction requires a solid execution of all its aspects, which are all directed towards providing one specific "feeling" or "reaction" in the heart of the audience. this, perhaps, is why gothic works are always hit-or-miss: whereas works of the other genres can be appealing in some of their aspects, even when they seem repulsive in others, the aspects of a gothic work still all head in the same direction, so a gothic work would either seem great of bad altogether.

    anyways, good luck with your game. I won't wish you luck; I'll wish you determination.
  7. Lone Survivor, a psychological horror game. Simplified, it's a horror game, but we didn't focus on something going "BOO!" and we made it scary through use of environment, and so forth. You will go insane if you don't take meds in the game, which means you will see other people and have other scary visions like being trapped in an elevator in the middle of nowhere. We also focused on environment, focused on making it look like everything was falling apart, focused on the music score, a ned even made the safe havens feel uneasy. Oh, and, that thing on the character's face is not a smile, its a mask. Link to steam page w/ trailer and such:

    and on the subject of animation, i can't, i focus on design and programming, but i can make recommendations.
  8. yeah, I meant it when I said I'm a busy person. I manage 3 stores that deal with computer hardware, Digital Cameras, Mobile Phones, and Plasma TVs. I also do business in medical and mechanical products related to dentistry. and car batteries.

    sadly, I'm an upstart businessman with no capable people around to help manage my properties. they have to consult me in everything they do. I'm also a 4th year collage student of English Literature, and an active member in the Social Democratic Party in my country, with the rank of Representative of Youths. you can say I already have my place reserved in this party once I'm no longer 'youthful'.

    congrats on releasing your game. I'd like you to refer me to its title if possible and I'd really like to have a look at it and give you some positive feedback. I have plans to finance and direct the first "real deal" fan-made anime. the story will be an adaptation of one of my novels, and it may include my fav short story. are you good at animating?
  9. is something keeping you from AF?
  10. No, you're correct, i enjoy and am very good at having a good time. Right now, i'm excited because i achieved actually getting a game on the market for about ten dollars. I am actually doing pretty well in terms of profits.
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