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Conversation Between Digimon____Sommelier and Jozette

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  1. DARK_Sommelier DEBT: No!! I'm evil!! And the world WILL end on December 21st!! Fu, fu, fu!!
  2. Hehe sounds cool! So are you not mortal?
  3. Why, that's my catchphrase, of course!

    Hi! My main name is Digimon_Sommelier, as noted on my Digimon site DB (the link to it's on my profile), but rite now I'm playing a variation of the evil DARK_Sommelier called DEBT.

    Fu, fu, fu!! My Wi-Fi!! It goes out on December 21st: The End of the World As You Putrid Mortals Know It!
  4. why does your wifi go out so often?
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