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Conversation Between Digimon___Sommelier and Sighanide

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  1. i meant 4 through 94, between that age range xD
    Alright then Som, call me Bond. James Bond. or just J for short :P
  2. I'm not 4 or 94, but I'd be glad to talk about non-personal things. Thanks again for the new reply, Sighanide. It's much appreciated.

    Call me Som.
  3. I'll remember that. Do you have a job? How old are you? (you don't have to lie, I like to talk to everybody ages 4-94)
  4. Fine, thanks for asking!

    Thesite is now open, so, if you wish, you can register and join our DB family!
  5. Got that. How you doing?
  6. Hello! If you could not get into The Burst the first time around, try again on November 9th when we premiere our historic 11th Season the same day as the James Bond film SKYFALL!

    REGISTER AT THIS LINK: The DiGiTal bursT |-+-|

    Have a great week!!
  7. i remember you! you run that digimon forum that i never got into!
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