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Conversation Between Digimon___Sommelier and CoRRuPTioN GaRDeN

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  1. Oh, no problem! And that's awesomesauce!! So you're going to visit them again today?^^ Have fun desu!!~
  2. I did. They want me to come in tomorrow. Cool stuff! XD Thanks for the support, it's appreciated.

  3. Alright^^ Good luck at your interview - I hope you make it!! :3 Ganbatte, nee!
  4. I was kidding, to reassure. You have a great week ahead, alright? Goin' for a job interview for Barnes & Noble today.
  5. *u* Don't shut down your account, cool new friend. And I wouldn't mind it if somebody wrote me back 'Lol.' I would think of another response that would be completely random~ :3
  6. I know you'd hate just a simple 'lol' as a response, who wouldn't, but I'll just say you're welcome aginn...

    I'm trying to make new friends outta' users today, so my account should be shut down by later on. lol Jess kiddin'...

    My Wi-Fi, it's gone out...
  7. *u*

    Well, if you think about it, the cupcake is about regular-sized IRL... xD

    I love making new friends^^
  8. That's a really big cupcake, but I think I can swallow it all... *giggles behind me*

    You're welcome on the friend request thing, by the waist...

    My Wi-Fi, it's gone out...
  9. Oh, thanks! :3 I recently got addicted to green and yellow^^


    You deserve a cupcake

  10. Everything is bright green and I lah'v it! ;D
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