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Conversation Between Digimon___Sommelier and Simphoni

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  1. Som is my name, what they call me at my Digimon forum, The Digital Burst::. It's also the name of my personal forum, Som's Hideaway::.

    My Wi-Fi, it's gone out...
  2. THANX A MILLIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are u ever in the same mood twice?? I can get snappy sometimes too
    But it depends on the day........

    What do u mean by -som??
  3. Only when required by anime law. I can get snapy sometimes, yoo'betcha. High standards and small tolerance for the word 'siggies,' it seems... Your avvi rocks!

  4. I don't mind the term.......I get that mood sometimes too

    Ur a real CHEERY person aren't u??
  5. I guess I'm in the mood to net new friends, if you don't mind the term. Good'ta meet ya'. *Smi-ahhls!*
  6. Hello!!
    It's nice to meet u

    What brought u to my part? *if I can ask*
  7. Everything is bright... like my websites. Hello!
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