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Conversation Between Ranshiin and Chewbaka

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  1. When you went by Mac, did anyone do Cheese? I wonder if there is a similar word that works like that for your current name. I feel like comedy needs to happen.
  2. I can now get infinite oranges on BL2. Offline. I feel awesome. It is cheating though, but since I beat the game, I'm allowed to cheat. Not really, but whatever.
  3. Check le thread. Edited my post for info that you might have already looked at.
  4. Not really. They're better than a few items you get in the beginning. They're there for starting off easier.

    The Hunter has a sword on his back, styled like Mordecai's. He's usually with Marcus, or near the Black Market. He's named too, and has some guns on him. He'll give you some amazing Blue and Purple weapons.
  5. Just got my Xbox copy. Premier club codes in the box. WHOOOOOOOOOO. Free Gaige. yehzzzzzzzz.

    Also the Gearbox guns are garbage. =|
  6. I haven't found this vault hunter. I'm probably not far enough through the storyline.

    And I'm aware that one skill tree is the one worth working on (for now I'm working on Bloodshed for Zer0), but some of the other skill trees have tier 1 or tier 2 skills that are worth unlocking anyway. For example one of Zer0's first Bloodshed skills is increased health. Big win. Once I get to a high enough level I will be re-speccing to put my points into Cunning (once I have that damned achievement) with 5 points put into Bloodshed for the health boost, and the rest into Sniping to get down to B0re just so I can figure out where the crit points on all the baddies are.

    Sometimes just shooting them in the head doesn't cut it.

    Also so far the 1 orange gun I've found was (seemingly) by chance. A pistol with an infinite clip. Drawback is it fires bullets in the 'infinity' shape, but once you get used to that then it's a good gun to work with for its level.
  7. You can, but it isn't efficient to do so. Until the cap gets increased, one skill tree is all you can afford to fill.

    This game is indeed hard, but it's worth it. I haven't found any Orange guns but 1. It sucked. I have an Orange Shield from Lilith that just wrecks people. I haven't switched yet, even though I have a few shields that are better.

    Yeah, slots are awesome, but they chew through your money quick. Have you found the other Vault Hunter in Sanctuary? The one who gives you guns? He's cool. I keep getting sick toys to play with.
  8. You can put points into more than one skill tree. I tested by putting one into Sniping (all of my points so far are in Bloodshed, although looking at the skill trees I'm thinking that Cunning might be better for me, what with the kunai knives skill which will make Deception SUCH A BOSS for trolling people. I just went for Bloodshed for the health boost and to start towards the final skill, since an achievement is based around using the final skill in that tree =/

    By the by ... the game is FUCKING HARD. Have I already said that? It's even harder in co-op. The game isn't very friendly to newcomers. It assumes you've played BL1 so you know what you're doing. The bosses are hella OP unless you luck across a relevantly-leveled orange gun.

    But I'm sure I already bitched about the OP boss battles. Gearbox weren't joking when they said some of them 'might take up to 20 minutes'. =|

    I see myself playing the slot machines in Moxxi's place. A lot.
  9. I can't wait for Gaige and the rest of the DLC to be released. I wonder what it's all going to be about.
  10. So, you basically are the opposite of me? Weird game. Been finding a bunch of elemental weapons everyone, and the all kinda suck. Been looking for an Assault Rifle that isn't Semi-Automatic or attached to an element. Weird. Also, yeah, Hyperion guns are weird. Found an SMG that I think was Hyperion that swayed like I was drunk as hell, because the Red Text made me think that. It was accurate at half-clip on. Been finding a lot of Torgue weapons, which are all explosive, if I read it right. Maliwan has been found a lot too. Kinda makes me wonder...

    Anyways, I used the Golden Key on accident. The guns were ok, but it sucked. I got another though, via Shift, and will hope to get more via GBX not being jerks about physical events being limited to Texas.

    The Skill Trees are awesome, but they don't allow you to spec in multiple areas like the last game. As in, pick a tree and work on it. They are increasing the level cap, as noted in the Achievements/Trophies, so that's cool.
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