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Conversation Between Ranshiin and Jozette

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  1. Shiiny shiiiiiny
  2. Still around?
  3. How come when I joined I didn't get a gift.
  4. You don't chat anymore you should.
  5. Lol You're awesome shiiny. x"D *Pats*
  6. You sure do cuss alot.
  7. Shiiiiiny
  8. Shiinny-CHAAANNNN!~
  9. Would you rather I bad repped you for it?

    I classed it as both spam (I go by the 'Four Word Rule': your post isn't 4 words long, 9/10 it gets deleted.) and also pointless because this isn't a French forum ... but an English and Japanese forum.

    I decided not to delete but instead to just dislike it. That's all.
  10. why did you dislike my post?
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