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Conversation Between Ranshiin and sunnyside

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  1. No offense but, Black-Cat and that-other-person's RPing is ... kinda grating on me. Black-Cat seems to be godmodding almost, or at least being incredibly mary-sue about what they do. They're lucky they haven't met Shi'ran yet heh. >.>
  2. Any word on Princess Lemon/Tetsanosuke or whatever? It's been so long since they made any posts, it's apparent neither of them are really that interested or anything.
  3. I've gone mad and decided to just throw the game out there and see if players are still around. *crosses fingers*
  4. I didn't make the art; a friend of mine is an artist and draws them for me. Avatars, other images I've shown, etc.
  5. Since they rather look like "your character" I wonder if you're making the art for your different avatars and such.
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