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Conversation Between Ranshiin and Kaitou+

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  1. nvm, I broke AdSense earlier today ... so according to TGN I'm fucked.

    Anyways, pretty much all my videos have in-game music and a few have copyright ID claims as a result (no action actually taken ... just notices telling me I've used copyrighted music ... like, my account's in 'good standing') which pretty much negates me from the whole partnership of that site.

    Probably have to make a new Youtube channel or whatever. Meh. Can't be assed right now ... spent 4 hours trudging in snow to fix someone's computer only to find out they'd just forgotten the damn password for the wifi. Not happy. _
  2. Well, I have an associated AdSense account or something, but I've not bothered going through the whole setup thing and not tried to monetise my videos since apparently 'video game footage' does not count for shit like that >.>

    And I dunno how to disable/remove it. It tells me to click a button to change my settings but the page never loads. Fail. Whatever. My videos only get like 50-100 views anyway (I've just been uploaded a lot of footage of private lulz matches recently)
  3. I think you can apply now...Unless you activated that Google Adsense shit,
  4. GameEmpireHD
  5. I don't know. Tell me what your Youtube channel is and I'll correct that.
  6. Why I am subbed to you but you aint subbed to me? [email protected][email protected]
  7. subs that is
  8. Over 1000!
  9. That you're putting scrubs in their place, that's what I meant.

    Also, Shift + A, Shift + C, Shift + V.

    You're welcome.
  10. ... I'd be able to make a better comment if I knew what you meant by 'handling ass'. :/

    Also I need better Youtube tags, but Youtube changed their tag system so I can't just copy/paste from one video to another. Retards =-=
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