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Conversation Between Ranshiin and Kaitou+

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  1. I concur.

    I still faced more hackers playing Xbox.

    Also, you need to get your Youtube channel popping, b. You're slacking.
  2. Yeah, and CoD can go fuck itself. >.>
  3. PS3 has hackers though, lol?

    Nah, Xbox has more COD hackers than PS3.
  4. I've never run into any hackers on any Xbox games I've played. Glitchers, yes. Hackers, no. ... except on Borderlands 1, but that's because a friend gave me modded weapons he got from a friend who got it from a friend etc etc etc.
  5. >Hackers

    <Xbox has none?

    Lol okay. Just play it for PS3, which is less likely to have hackers compared to PC. I am pretty sure they night release something to detect outside modifications though.
  6. I hadn't.

    Thing is, I thoroughly enjoyed Unbounded. I thought it was a brilliant game and had lots of potential with the track editor. What let it down is that they never fixed the MP. People bitched about the handling ... yes, the learning curve for the drift mechanic was steep... but if -I- figured the drift system out within an hour, then it couldn't have been that steep.

    Shame it's not on Xbox though. PS3 and PC only? Well, hello, hackers. >.>

    I assume you know already.

    Unbounded was meh.
  8. That's a music partner network, so no it's not for you. Especially since it's not even your own music you are using.

    Just upload new games..or *cough* Flash your Xbox *cough*.
  9. Lucky you. I don't really upload much that people deem worth watching.

    Especially since I'm always 3 days behind. Fuck Xbox.

    Anyways speaking of youtube partnerships, got some message from some guy asking if I wanted to be partnered.

    tbh since you know this stuff better than I do I figured to ask to check if it's legit or not.. this is the url he gave me;

    Also dat beef between xey and jozz ... makes me wish I had IRL popcorn. Have to make do with KFC ;r


    Oh, and I got my AdSense account working again. Still haven't set up payment details (no point, really) but meh.
  10. You have no idea how much I will make with my second channel.
    43k views yesterday, lmao.
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