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Conversation Between Ranshiin and Kaitou+

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  1. Should of pirate that shit then....I mean you already BOUGHT that game.

    It's only bad when you don't buy the game and the whole II'll buy it later it's bull but since you already payed for it.
  2. I decided against the VPN. I figured not playing the game until Thursday night is better than getting a Steam account ban considering the amount of games I own.

    F this country.
  3. I was expecting that but yikes, for a second I expected him to be VG or something.

    Also...Stop slacking bro! I see no Grid 2 on your channel!
  4. You know what's even better about WBL?

    Can you say 'dupe account'?
  5. Here's hoping my VPN will work for Steam on Tuesday then. I just got a new computer, and it lets me (finally) record PC footage through my PVR. Won't be any multiplayer gameplay though ... the less risk of getting banned for region-bypassing, the better.
  6. Nevermind, your stats are messed up however, you are almost there.

    You just need to whore out Grid 2.
  7. You should try to get partnered now!, go go go!!

    I think you need 500 daily views, but even if it's 1000 you still meet the requirements.
  8. You'll be alright.

    Also, I am going to TheGameStation.
  9. I've been busy. I stopped playing NFS after i got all the achievements, and I've been waiting on my friends for me to continue on Borderlands. No other new games are out until Grid 2 (June) and GTA5 (September?) come out, in terms of what interests me. I officially do not play Blur any more (I do occasionally play custom playlists at the weekend, but that's it.)

    Nothing going. I don't play games just to upload them on Youtube. if I'm bored I'm bored, nothing more to say.
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