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Conversation Between Ranshiin and Kaitou+

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  1. AMD PHenom 9950. They're crap at anything that isn't gaming. ... Actually they're pretty crap at gaming, too.

    The thing literally renders at about 2-3seconds per frame. And then of course I've no way to tell if the renderer derps and messes up until after it's rendered. :l
  2. Yeah co-op always beats solo...but 6 hours to render 30 minutes? You're doing it on 1080p right? Even so, that's pretty weak right there...I thought you had a better computer than that. Mine takes like 4 hours, which is still a lot so I am trying to get a new computer one of these days.
  3. I've recorded some Borderlands footage. The main problem I face is it takes almost 6 hours to render 30 minutes of footage (after adding my voice to the videos and correcting sync issues). And that's provided the video doesn't mess up like the first one did.. (random frame blurring...)

    I've got like six hours' worth of footage currently, and going to continue recording later today. Doing co-op with some friends. co-op > solo. =/
  4. Make sure you uninstall Total Media and all the plug-ins by the way before installing the new software. I was having some issues when trying to record and that was the solution. To be honest, the shit is all the same but eh, still having the latest franchise is good....and Youtube kills quality anyway so overall it's still the same as well. I am still liking it though, pretty good stuff...some games actually do quite better despite is using the component cables. I think Elgato might be better though but I have that in situations I am out of my house (like a convention).

    Also, you should've recorded some BL2 ASAP.....
  5. I just (finally) got my ass round to ordering the new PVR 2. Should be here tomorrow.

    Through testing on Xbox and PC I've got suspicions that my TV has some dodgy awful conversion lag when using component cables. conversion lag as in I can play Borderlands 2 on my PC, same fps, same xbox pad, and there is NO latency. But playing on Xbox I have about 0.2-0.3s latency (I'm uploading a commentated / co-op playthrough of the game so you'll audibly hear me hitting my joystick before you see me moving on-screen.) The only difference between display on xbox and PC is PC uses HDMI, Xbox uses component.

    The new PVR2 uses HDMI for xbox so... I'll wire up to my spare HDMI port and see if the lag goes away. Might stop me whining that I want my old TV fixed.
  6. LolRan. =P
  7. Cool beans bro tell me how is it...

    actually imma ask my dad to buy it for me and then I pay him back or something...because eh, gotta have to be above the rest.
  8. Can't order until september 17th for me...

    I'm still a bit sketchy as to whether it'll record my PC gameplay though. I'm using a DVI/HDMI adapter on the card though so I don't know if HDCP will be a problem. Also my card doesn't throughput audio so I'd have to work out a way to get round that... ._.
  9. Apparently the HDPVR2 is already out. Gonna order mine next month.
  10. That's spoooo true so I guess you IP checked the guy.

    That means the kid created 2 accounts in May.....lmaolmao
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