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Conversation Between Ranshiin and Kaitou+

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  1. I'll be away from my home computer for a while so can you show me your screen instead and I will tell you what to select/unselect.
  2. Do me a favour and show me a screenshot of the 'format settings' menu you have when using the PVR-2?

    I'm just checking I'm not missing anything or have something that's not meant to be there. O_o
  3. My Computer > (C) Drive > Program Files (x86) > ArcSoft > TotalMedia Extreme > Plug-In.

    I got that update but don't know what does it do since I been using it no problem to begin with.
  4. ... btw you said something about a plugins folder (for the PVR?)

    where is it?

    I did a full uninstall/delete of the previous ArcSoft software folder and reinstall of the new PVR's drivers & software. Also actually found where this 'important update' for the drivers was on the Hauppauge site and downloaded that... not sure if it fixed anything though.
  5. Yeah, I tried it and it still works all fine for me. I'm literally not doing a thing and it works fine for me.

    I got all three too. 1212, 1445 and the HDPVR2.
  6. Try recording using .ts or .m2ts using AAC and then import it. Won't pick up the audio.

    Also I previously had problems where Vegas would only render the top-left quarter of any recorded MP4 video I added. The problem is likely that I was recording in 1080i, and apparently Vegas does have issues with the Hauppauge MP4 cabinet. Obviously it seems to work fine on the new one so either it's just an issue with interlaced video in that format or Hauppauge fixed the issue for the new hardware.

    Also don't know why the first one took 6 hours to record but the rest are taking 3-3.5. Every time I've left the computer idle so it's not like it's doing anything else. I render overnight.
  7. It's best not to multitask when you are rendering a video, it's only going to put more pressure into your processor and slow things down.

    Just try to delete everything in the ArcSoft folder which should be in the program files folder in the C(??) Drive....unless you got the Gaming Edition then it shouldn't be much of an issue but you got the one with the blue lights so I know you got to delete the plug-ins for it to work...and check if there's any Plug-ins installed in your PC (Check the Plug-in folder). Also, I always record in MP4 and I am able to import it normally in Vegas just fine.

    But yo, I am not having problems recording and I can record just as fine with as my 1212. I know the only issue people are having is change from MP4 due to the old TotalMedia Plug-ins they had but once removed it should work just fine.

    I haven't heard of an audio issue yet. I always been using AAC just fine too.
  8. I'm just getting pissed off by it. If you suspect I need to clean out some files (I just uninstalled everything through control panel ...) and know some settings changes that would work, I'd like to hear them.

    Just is stupid as fuck that .ts and .m2ts video won't load in vegas properly and this whole 'I want to record with 320kbps audio but it insists on 93kbps' thing..


    "I would recommend AC3 as the audio codec – but this is more of a personal preference to avoid Apple and Microsoft codecs. Sony Vegas Pro does not support AAC encoded audio within .TS or .M2TS files – so if you are using Vegas Pro (and M2TS like I recommend) you should definitely use AC3 as the audio codec."

    The HD-PVR 2 uses AAC only, from my testing. So ... that's one mystery solved.
  9. Question.

    You have this thing, right? Have you been able to get anything other than the MP4 format video to load correctly in Vegas? Because recording in .ts and .m2ts format results in some strangely laggy playback and Vegas refuses to import the audio data when inserting the video.

    MP4 works fine - at least on 1080p - but seems to have a habit of always recording audio at 94kbps no matter what bitrate is selected (I'm suspecting that it's actually just the average audio bitrate and the AAC codec is just good at compressing unused data).

    Also the format settings options are too complex compared to the old PVR. I was told to remove the old software so I have a bunch of complicated options for defining audio and video. If you know exactly what files and folders I need to remove from the old PVR's installation I'll uninstall and do a fresh reinstall and see if it works correctly after that.

  10. Heh. I just rendered the second video and it only took 3 hours.

    PVR Gaming Ed. 2 came today. Just set it up and tested, and it confirmed my suspicions. My component input is HELLA LAGGY. Pretty much all the input lag I had through component is gone since switching to HDMI. Only drawback is that my turtle beach doesn't work with it. I've had to sacrifice by hooking it up to the headphone jack which obviously takes out my own TV speaker playback, but for recording co-op on Borderlands that's probably not too much of an issue since I had to horribly tone down game audio so that voice audio would get picked up and was using my headset to hear game audio anyway.

    It's a cool box though. Will keep my other PVR aside for backup.
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