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Conversation Between Ranshiin and Kaitou+

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  1. You're getting Sonic All Stars?
  2. I would say IMPORT but eh you dont use your PS3 at all so I dont want to sound like a broken record.

    Really, thats what I been telling everyone and what everyone has being telling everyone that complains about release dates.
  3. Why? Even AUSTRALIA gets this game before I do. Even my friends in Germany already have this game.

    I'm still going to upload a bucket-ton of gameplay once it comes out though ... I may just straight record like two hours of gameplay and commentate it live and throw it together in Movie Maker and upload it.

    I've started recording in .ts format on my PVR again so getting audio to load in Vegas is a pain. I figured the .mp4 thing had something to do with it - also randomly my videos record at 14.2 megabit with a 256kbit audio stream ... even though it's set to 14.0 / 192kbit. I think the recording software is just dodgy, but at least the videos actually record in .ts format ... ugh. I hope movie maker recognises .ts videos and doesn't desync audio streams like Vegas does with my Audacity recordings.
  4. You need to at least try though, lol.
  5. Which is why I'm not trying to go out my way to upload stuff so quickly ... because there's no point.

    maybe if I was in America. But I'm not, so the damage is done. SMH & FML.
  6. Breaking streat dates.

    To be honest, it's not for the lolzness if you can upload it on Youtube as early as you can = exposure = profit.
  7. Lucky Americans and their 'I-work-for-Gamestop-and-we-got-this-game-for-stock-a-week-early-and-I-pinched-a-copy-for-the-lulz'-ness. :|
  8. Well, it both got leaked and people already have the game legally....there's already videos on YT.
  9. Doesn't mean shit to me. Xbox and all that.
  10. Lmao Need for Speed Most Wanted go leaked.
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