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Conversation Between Ranshiin and SuXrys

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  1. You have l-l-l-l-l-leatherpants. Why not joining in here?

    Somewhere down there is something for Blackjack but basically:

    Shikamaru: blackjack 100 (or Neji: blackjack 500 or Peroth: blackjack 123456 ... whatever room you're in)
    Shikamaru: hit (to get a new card)
    Shikamaru: stand (to stand)
    ... hopefully you know how blackjack actually works (i.e. to try to get as close to 21 without going over). o.o;

    Now give me back my pantsu.
  3. Where can I read now again about how to play Black Jack in the chatroom?
  4. Leather pants ~
  5. Forgive. ;-;

    But most of the peeps that was in the signature is not major characters, mostly because most just entered the manga. lol. :P
    Hurpie durp durp hurp are you curious about the manga? ~ ;D
  6. You changed your sig ._.

    And I was going to ask you who all the characters were and whether they were major/minor characters or whatnot. x.x derp. herp. so slow.
  7. Yo do dat :3 lead it nuw
  8. I see.

    Maybe I'll have to read it... or wait until it comes out as an anime. I dunno. ^_^;
  9. Which anime it's from? ... Well none. Since it isn't an anime yet, but they are going to make one! *cheer and fangirl scream!*
    So far it's from the manga "The labyrinth of magic", or short "magi". It is still on-going but you should read it. I think it's really really good!
  10. One does not simply post a comment!

    ... but cereally ... what anime is that in your sig? I've been meaning to ask for a while O_o
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