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Conversation Between Chigumi and animegirl2365

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  1. Yea I totally understand, G-dragon's looks have gotten more and more outrageous as the years pass lol. But TOP is my favorite he was sexy then and he's even more sexy Have you tried 4shared? That's really good to.
  2. Nice. Yeah, hail mediafire. I get my downloads there too.
    However it annoys me they added addfly to it, so you have to wait 5 seconds for some spam page.
    And I wasn't too happy about the mediafire update itself too.
    Somtimes it actually takes me 5 times to click on download before its gonna start >.<
    I was a huge big bang fan when they debuted, but now I like them somewhat less. Dunno why.
    They totally 'harrassed' g-dragons look. He looked so cute when debuting and some years ago.
    Now he just looks plain odd to me. Like a walking freakshow.
  3. I'm watching all the same drama's your watching except the King2hearts. My fav girl group is also 2NE1 my fav guy group is Big Bang. I get my new songs from this site called and I download them on or they usually have them.
  4. I watch some Korean dramas yeah. At this moment I watch: KPOP The Ultimate Audition, King 2 Hearts and Fashion King. Through out the years I don't really have one or two fav artists. I actually tried to make a whole liste, but it has gotten way too long so I removed it again. Fav female is 2NE1 and fav male is Super Junior I guess. However, I love the new group EXO-K a lot. And yeah... I don't meet that many english-speaking KPOP fans either, they're quite rare. My friends all dislike it very much. What are your current fav songs? And how do you discover your new songs? I always download at kpopspy or kpopexlorer. For me, financially, buying everything is not an option.
  5. OMG! I love Korean stuff! Do you watch Korean Dramas? Do you listen to K-pop? What's your favorite bands. I don't meet many people that are in to this kind of stuff like I am. I've been recently trying to drag my anime friends at school into it but they don't like it a whole bunch. I would love to visit South Korea one day.
  6. Sorry to disappoint, but I rarely watch any anime, hehe.
    However, I am sort of following Naruto once in a while.
    I'm more of a Korean fan instead of Japanese stuff.
  7. Lol Well I don't remember, but any way Nice too meet you Chi. What kind of anime do u like?
  8. You probably added me, because I rarely add people myself :P
    Uhuh you have a poin there. And you seem like a nice person.
    Nice to meet you Nini (cute name!!) my name is Fenna.
    But most of the people here call me Chi or Chii.
  9. Lol I don't think I've met you before either but I added you or you added me cuz your on my friends But anyway since I don't think I met you my name's Nini what's yours?I like to talk with the people that are on my friends list
  10. Uhm hey. I can just say I am fine.
    Not trying to be mean or anything, but I dont know you :P
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