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Conversation Between Chigumi and Albear

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  1. Make sense. You are a girl and clothes can be, like best friends, except they don't talk. Lol.
    Is the store for girls only or anyone?
  2. Again a clothing store, keke. It seems like I'm best at that and suck at any other job :P
  3. Cool. Wuts your new job?
  4. I'm doing fine ^-^ .. New job I like, still with the BF I like.
  5. How are ya these days?
  6. Thanks so much. I remember now.
  7. You're welcome. I'm surprised no one else liked your post. How dare they not like pictures of a pretty lady. Lol.
    I don't know if you remember me, but I'm the cheesecake guy, just changed mah name. If you check our conversation chain, we talked for a while back in April. O_O Heheheh.
  8. Thanks for liking my photo!!
  9. Oh no, I'm not a pro. I was at the show working as an usher. My responsibilities is to aid the attendants.
    I had alot of free time in between so I got to see most of the show. But I had to stand up.
    So where are you gonna have your date?
  10. Are you a professional or anything? Because you said you were at a show.
    Or did you just watch? o.o
    I hope you feel better soon, no more colds hehe ^___^
    Hmm yush, I totally look forward to it. He asked me for this friday!!
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