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Conversation Between Chigumi and Sasuke Uchiha

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  1. It's been like forever since we last talked. I'm pretty good, definitely tired. How are you?
  2. Yes dear, what is it? How are you atm?
  3. Chigumi. (:
  4. Well.. you know. (;
    Haha, I try to be<3
  5. Slave? LOLWUT? xD
    You're funny.
  6. I'll be your slave forever<3
  7. If I find a moment to make pictures, you will
  8. -GASP-
    Will I get to see? :3
  9. It is a good thing. Its okay. We all need a super nap once in a while :P
    I noticed I slept a lot more these days, my skin starts to look better now.
    Ooh.. Im gonna dye my hair today. Im soooo looking forward :3
  10. I hope that a good thing. >.>
    Haha, I knoww, but still. I honestly did not mean to sleep that long. o-o;
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