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Conversation Between Todd and Suzume

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  1. Sorry for the very late reply. Well how was ur Christmas?
  2. Hey, it was quiet and peacful. What about yours?
  3. Hi how was ur weekend?
  4. Thx Todd. I have to watch it the next time when i come to Dubai.
  5. It's called DearS. It's really really funny. And at times can be depressing. I recommend watching it. There's only 12 episodes though. But the manga has got 49 chapters which were pretty good. Unfortunatley its ended, but I like the ending.
  6. Which anime is ur profile pic from?
  7. Thanks! I found it on some website when I was looking for one wih Naruto going all 1-tails. I thought that one was funnier.
  8. Nice avatar. I love it.
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