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Conversation Between Scruffy and PinkGalaxies

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  1. I've got a Skype account.


    Don't forget the dot in the middle. For some reason people tend to forget something in the username, so I can't add them. :S
  2. Yo dawg, do you have MSN or Skype or shiz? :3
  3. I couldn't say you've missed anything. Lol.

    Both genders be crazy. >.>'

    Sure, and I came here because I wanted something to waste time on. Lol.
  4. I haven't ever been in a relationship before and I'm 18.
    I know I wouldn't cheat, but it frustrates me when I see people do, because it makes me think that some women be crazy. >.>

    Also, I have two more questions for ya. May I add you, and what brought you to AF? o:
  5. Yeah, I know. XD

    I know people of both genders who do that, and I don't agree with it either. They see nothing wrong it. That just baffles me. I'm sure if they found out the person they were dating was getting kinda flirty with someone, they wouldn't like it too much. And if they didn't care, why be with that person? I'll never grasp the whole concept of cheating and such. There are other things you can do besides that. If the relationship isn't working, talk it out, try to make it work, and if it doesn't then end it. There's no point in furthering the heartache.
  6. Not callin' anyone out, but I read something on your profile that made me think, "The fuck? That ain't flirty or anything, that's just straight up awkward and creepy."

    Not you, but..ya know. D:

    That's good, then! I know ladies who do that exact thing, and it doesn't sit right with me at all. :c You seem legit though.
  7. I get that feeling a lot. It's not just sometimes. There are some people who are cool to talk to, and then you have others that take things waay too seriously. Especially when you get some that like "claim" you, and you've only talked to them like once. >.>'

    You think I'd be messing around on a forum if I was taken? Naww. I have morals. That's just wrong to do the person you're dating like that, internet or not.
  8. If I were you, though, I'd feel pretty awkward sometimes. Are you even single? >.>
  9. I'm just being me when I talk to them, so I guess that's why. 'o.o
  10. Sure ya could. >:3
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