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Conversation Between Scruffy and Shini

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  1. Fear not Padawan I'll return to MSN tomorrow most likely. Just got the new XCom and i am most likely going to fall in love with it.
  2. >.>
  3. Dunno. Just felt like it. :3

    You should get back on MSN or something, bro.
  4. You miscalculated the age (although in truth who's to say I wasn't born in 89, maybe you're like the Terminator and you just know these things), and why did I get 4 more years to live?
  5. R.i.p. David

    1289 - 2016
  6. You got me
    Using all my Kung-fu , tricks, tricks
    Hittin with a round house kick to the temple
    1-2-3-4 HUNG-HI-HO, TKO, Taekwondo
    You know
    When you see that hand go chop
    Everything stops
    (Quick silence)
    The flow so hot
    Like steam from a coffee pot

    With that being said (more like copied) wassup man???
  7. Greatest.
  8. The
  9. Are
  10. You
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