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Conversation Between *MayMay* and battousai_ryuu

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  1. Well what cha know. You found the pocky cupcake crumbs I left for you to find your way back.
  2. Well hello there, stranger. =)))))
  3. So this is what I found for your prom dress. I thought it might be kinda neat to go in black and white ^_^ ...but then again Panda suit is black and white xD
    Anywho I hope you like this. If not...well I tried ^_^

    You have to scroll down a little bit to the reference image >_< (This was alot harder to find then what it should have been)
  4. Hey-row, prom date! What time do I pick you up? x)
  5. Hallo, prom date. x)
  6. *hugs* getting there ^_^
  7. Nyuu, don't be depressed... ;-; Ryuu deserves to be happy and stuff. v.v *hugs!*
  8. Awwww Thank you *pets the bunny* ^-^
  9. Hoppy Easter! ^-^
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