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Conversation Between *MayMay* and Uta-chan~

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  1. Where is MayMay? =O
  2. *random glomps* =3
  3. *glomps* Yay!! Thank you!! *O* I wasn't expecting anyone to say that. ^w^
    Happy Easter to you too~ That bunny is cutesy =3 fufufu
  4. Hoppy Easter! ^-^
  5. Kk!
  6. Well uhmmm... Oh!! *O* I can play the music and you dance~ *nods*
  7. ...Uta won't dance wif MayMay? ;o;
  8. Yeah, I just woke up from nap now XD =w=Zzz
    *head gets gnawed* nyaaa! get it off~ *runs around in cirlces frantically* XD >w<
    Orly? Thanks bud :3 Hahaha dance away then~ Uta would join you buts... I'm not good at dancing XD;;
  9. I am fine but getting verrrrry sleepy. z_z I think I might try to sleep soon. *gives your head a friendly gnaw!* Did I tell you that I think your siggy is super cute? Because it is. It makes me wanna dance.
  10. *waves back* XD how are you? ^w^
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