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Conversation Between battousai_ryuu and Navigator

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  1. Hey there. How are you?
  2. bubba is an Australian shepard crossed with catahoula.
  3. Awww what kind of dog is Bubba?
    I never had to worry about keeping myself busy
    somthing always breaks and I'm the one that has to fix it so when I do
    have free time I like to relax and watch some anime or take the dogs for a long walk or go riding in the woods
    on my bike ^_^
  4. Well, good to know. I also have a sweet dog. His name is Bubba!
    And I don't usually keep myself busty. But I do keep busy. Haha. ;D
    And free time is always splendid! I do enjoy it. I even started reading
    a new book just last night. Sooooo. Yeah. ^_^
  5. Thanks, the dogs are real sweet hearts too ^_^
    Being handy is interesting. Never get to do the same job twice and all ^^
    Sounds like you manage to keep yourself busty. Lately I've had some free time and it just feels strange.
    I guess that means I can watch the Ranma Ova's finally!
  6. They dogs in your picture are cute btw. ^_^
  7. Well being a handy guy and also willing to put it to use is fantastic!
    A lot of people wouldn't be so helpful! So I'm glad you are!
    I'm pleased to hear you are well! ^_^ I am also doing just fine!
    I haven't been going up to my best friends as much as usual. I feel bad.
    But if I'm not at work, I am at home either, watching anime, Harry Potter, or
    posting silly things on here. Haha.
  8. Other projects like helping a friend out with her car, or helping my brother on his house. Things like that ^_^
    I'm a handy guy I guess xD
    I'm doing well ^_^ What have you been up to lately?
  9. Haha. It's alright. It wasn't that long. But I am doing well!
    What do you mean you are working on other peoples project?
    I am also doing quite well, thank you! ^_^ How are you?
  10. Tada! Who knew it would be that easy ^_^ Sorry for the late reply. I've just been so busy with working on other peoples project. Anyway, how are you?
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