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Conversation Between unyielding wrath and Lily Hayashi

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  1. awww..... RAWR! now i scare you XD
  2. sowwy too late XD already gave up!
  3. no giving up on me! >.< bad!
  4. meh too lazy I give up
  5. hahaha i guess XD well try harder lol
  6. Well I tried
  7. XD still not scared. never will be XD *laughs*
  8. not yet you're not.. MWUAHAHAHAHA...ha... *ahem*
  9. heck no! I love dragons. My old name was Dragonslayergirl lol meep is my catchprashe. Im not afraid of anything.
  10. Ah. Cool, cool. Meep? Did I scare you with my dragon...ness...?
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