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Conversation Between Darkcobra and ╬Karami Mew~Meow

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  1. lol thank you very much ^^ yes i do try to make everything =] and so far nothing has been impossible to make =3
  2. aha ur cosplays r always so awsome o.o
    you reallu do put lots of effort into them dont you? do you make all them yourself? o.o i know u said u mke some but there just really good so if u make em u should give ya self a pat on the back and know there awsome =p
  3. lol that's very good tho =O ~ and I completely understand, so here it is
  4. could you link me to it? :P sorry little busy today, well its like gone 3am atm and i got college tomorrow again lol (been a bit busy all day)
    sorry just saves me looking, atm im pretty much typing this to ya, saving ma work then getting some sleep (the 2-3hours it will be xD) i just dont lke leaving stuff un-replied to... makes me feel a little impolite... yes im a strange person wen it comes to manners xD
  5. lol yeah thats why I love masked characters. =]
    and I have pic of it in my cosplay thread in the convention and cosplay sub forum =]
  6. usually more mystery to em (forgot to add that to the end) xD
  7. lol im sure that was appealing to many then xD
    lmao i dont exactly picture you cosplaying a half naked guy xD
    i like ones who hide themselfs, sorta keeping secret who they r xD
  8. hahha xD tho I have seen a girl cosplay a half naked bleach char, and just used a top that blended in with her skin well and bind her boobs. I have cosplayed what should have been a half naked guy in a way xD zollo ! but I made it almost female version on the top wise.
    but if you wan't find anybody, there are a lot of masked characters out there ~!!! >=O i like masked chars ^.^
  9. well ye guys "can" cosplay... kinda
    but i mean like theres not half as much a option as there is for girls xD so many female character compared to males (not that im saying theres not many males just generally more females in anime... not like im bothered ^^) but then theres the fact i look like no one >< i sat down and thought wen i read ur message and went over all characters of top of my head and i fail to look even close to one =[ fail i know =[
    although lmao i think the role of them half naked guys is better left for other xD (lol ur half naked guys comment still makes me laugh xD)
  10. ehhhh of course guys cosplay!!! somebody has to cosplay those half naked guys xD and you can start by looking for character that could possibly look like you =]
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