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Conversation Between Darkcobra and Shibito

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  1. LOL sensai xD that so doesnt feel right when someone calls it you o.o
    im sorry but will you be my sensai ?
  2. oh my i have much to learn sensai
  3. Yeah Gif's can be full size, i do have some round 800x600px (sometimes this can make them slow but it isn't hard to fix that), i meant they have to be re-sized for forums like this ^_^
  4. But iv seen some full size gifs before
  5. Depends, theres programs which work like photoshop with layers wheres its a matter of animation... though this is easy as you can just screen shot what you want from a video and so on. I actually record parts i want in a gif more common than not, so if i see a small clip in a anime i like, then theres some converters which will do directly to a gif format (all you have to do then if ensure its file size aint to big )
  6. so you know how to make Gif's? can you teach me how oh murciful one :3
  7. Well i did remake it... rather large actually lol but sadly it either moves real slow (unlike atm where it seems good for speed, like yours is aswell ^^) or it wouldnt keep freezing so i gave in, ohwell xD
  8. ah. i dont think you can resize gifs :/ maybe if you can learn how to make them you can make yours larger but its so cute >.<
  9. thankyou Its yui from Angel beats. Sadly enough i never had luck resiszing it to be a little bigger though (tried but never got it to work)
  10. your avatar is sooo cute >.< where is it from
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