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Conversation Between Darkcobra and Samuru

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  1. I usually choose for freedom (for humanity). The neutral and chaos alignments get close to that .
  2. Demon alignment stuff always seem best :P And thanks for the links, i will start downloading them all tomorrow and see if not by end of Saturday or Sunday i can be playing ^^ big big thanks
  3. As promised, I'm gonna send you the links now. If you have trouble installing, tell me, I'll help you out.
  4. That's the tricky part, the answers are all kinda innocent, like not a big deal. Most of the time, the best answer is Demon aligned xD
  5. Awsome thankyou ^_^ cant wait to try it ehehe. i imagine my aligment wouldnt be anything positive, can't say for sure as it depends on what answers im given to choose from ^^
  6. No it doesn't work like that. Following your answers you give in the game, you pick up an Alignment. There are 4 in SMT: Nocturne. You control only 1 person (you) and approx 3 other demons. You can carry additional ones with you as well. You have two friends who you can name at the beginning, but they aren't THAT important to the story (in my opinion). I'll send you the links in a PM this afternoon .
  7. My answers? lol any game which gives me options in how i do stuff or lets me take my routes always end up with some irritating person not liking me... or worst o.o i see it like anime's characters you dont like need 'unfortunate' happenings to come there way when they annoy you xD
    wow... im slow at replying eh xD
  8. Yeah it's pretty fun . There'll be a lot of semi-quests which require you to finish, but how you do it depends on what you answer and stuff.

    tldr; they're jusr aaaaaawesome games!!!!111
  9. Thats good, i love when stuff have more than 1 ending
  10. They all have several endings and are HARD. But very fun. I'm sure you'll enjoy them . If you ever find yourself stuck, don't be afraid to ask for me help ^^.
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