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Conversation Between Darkcobra and GhostInTheMachine

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  1. Yeah although my parent's look at me like I'm insane when I say things like "ugu" and "gao" or "Have at you!" worst of all, when watching TV the audio and video was out of sync and I said "The voice action sync is really out of whack on this one" they looked at me like I'd just eaten my own head. One thing I do like about watching subbed anime (I prefer dubs) is they tend to keep more of the "verbal ticks" that make some charecters unique, or excellent comedic relief. That Fuuko thriller is just legendary, not sure who started it, but I wish I did XP, here's another favorite I use on my friends:
  2. lol ugu and gao the dogs xD something i must say i havent considered trying ^^
    I Agree they are truly some amazing phrases xD i am addicted to Gao but i must admit i love ugu the most ^^ i love how Ayu says ugu and its great replacement of words ^^ lol @ "Have at you" phrase xD

    lol i dont think it stands ground compared to your Fuuko thriller pic xD i actually love that pic u got o.o
  3. Haha, I'll "gao" and "ugu" at my dog all the time, get's him a little confused. Those have to be the cutest/best anime catch phrases since "Have at you!" (Castlevania lol)

    Quite the propic you have as well.
  4. Lol i love Gao xD i actually got into a habbit of saying Gao like misuzu allthe time :P
  5. Gao!
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