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Conversation Between Mattey and SuXrys

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  1. Have fun nerdying with your friend! What are you guys gonna play?

  2. Sorry about the late response T.T i got some server ip error and it said something about DNS and i totaly forgot i didnt restart my computer in like 5 days or sumething xDD
    Well im 15 ^^
  3. Well that's a relief! If you had felt bad about it, it would have been much worse since I literally dragged you out there. :P My weekend have been fairly boring, nothing fun has happend. The only thing that is worth talking about is that I feel really bad about a bird that is trying to smash my window. I feel really bad about it, it hasn't learned that flying into glass time and time again is a big no no in the bird world.

    Another thing that I want to ask you about: I couldn't see any age in your profile so I must ask you.. on the prom... were I a child molester? Will I go into jail now? *massive forehead sweating*
  4. Hi ^^ How're you? I think it was really nice of you to ask me out ^^ And well my weekend has been great :P How was your weekend?
  5. Hello my riverdance partner from the AF Prom 2011! I just remembered how a dreadful prom partner I must have been... Just took your hand and forced you out to the dancefloor without as much as a friendly "hi" first... *face palm* So I am here to redeem myself! So... hi how are you? Have you had a nice little weekend and have you been eating your spinach like a good kid to make santa really, really happy? ^___^
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