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Conversation Between Mattey and SuXrys

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  1. Yes, I thought so to!
    Please don't kill me know but I have never watched one piece lol
  2. the pic looks good :P
    i've been playing minecraft all night xdd =)
    and now im gonna watch one piece 501
    cya =)
  3. Yeah I love that song! xD It's one of those songs that you can listen to over and over and over and over (one hour later) and over again without getting tired of it.. talking about Sparrow: what do you think of this picture that I'll use as my profile picture at the moment: nice huh?

    Have you heard this song before maybe it'f more for fangirls but... höhöh

  4. Im from sweden =D and yeah i think its the way i say it lawl =)
    u should listen to this XDDD i couldnt stop laughing XD
  5. hm? I don't know why but I thought that you were from america.. where are you from? Maybe they thought that you sounded really funny while saying it? I have nothing planned for this summer besides working for one month. And that's not really what I would place in the category of "fun".

    Don't know why.. just wanted to share this pic

  6. Well my day was kinda random xdd we have guests so there wasnt any space for me left in the house so i had to sleep in the basement of the house lol but i liked it down here and i was thinking about moving down my bed to the basement and then last night i stayed up and played minecraft with some americans lol and we were talking on skype too =) and they were laughing like shit when i said water melon idk why lol =)
    anyway so are u going to do anything fun this summer?
  7. how annoying. :S Oh I love motorbikes! I wish I had one myself but I hasn't. I don't even hade a regular driving license yet.. lol xD Are planning to get that this summer because now it really is about time to get that. :P I havn't been doing anything today, literally. I "refused" to go up this morning so I stayed in bed until little after 12. Were just staying in the bed for some hours and enjoying the radio music. Sometimes you just don't feel like going up and today was one of those days. Have nothing special planned this weekend either so this will presumably be a really lazy lazy lazy weekend for me. How about you?
  8. Well it was something about his software so basicly software shit lol =) he had to remove something and reinstall it and the professor sucks lol and i just came back from like a 2 hour long motorbike ride O.o (my fathers driving kuz i cant get a motorbike license yet) yeh that sux about the lisence lol =)

    anyway how was your day today? =)
  9. Alright. My brother has played minecraft so I know what game you are talking about. But why couldn't you guys get into the internet? Was it struggeling or was the connection down at the moment? Oh ~ about the professor... I finally got to him but that wasn't until 4 p.m ... (remember how he told me to call him between 2-3). He told me that he had been been coaching another student and that had been taking 1 hour more then he thought.. I was thinking "no shit...".. Why couldn't he called me before and telling me that it would be taking longer then planned? -_-
  10. Well we mostly played minecraft but we couldnt get his internet on untill like 2 am XDD and then i was so tired i drank out of the wrong coke can xdd and i was like wtf T.T
    anyway so how didit go with that professor? =)
    and how're u feeling to day =D
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