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Conversation Between Nesh and animegirl2365

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  1. Hey, how are u?
  2. Pretty good, but I want skool to be over all ready! lol
  3. mostly fine
    and yours? ;3
  4. Lol okay so how's life been?
  5. we did a little bit .......but don't worry it's not a problem ^^
  6. I don't know if I've talked to you or not (I have a bad memory lol) but if I didn't...Hi, my name is Nini nice to meet you!
  7. I always let my brother deal with that kind of staff!!.....Hes better at finding good antiviruses!
  8. Yea i know what cha mean i can't live with out mine. I feel like im cut off from the world lol but i recently thought i broke my computer cuz i had this virus on it cuz i left it on when i went to church but it turns out it wasn't broken it was just trying to get rid of the virus
  9. due 2 lack of electricity!!!!
    The poor pc couldn't wistand the low level of elecricity!!
    And the other one, just 'coz my brother was messin' with it and did smt. 2 it!!
    I couldn't stand sittin' around without my pc!!
    It was mostly boring!
  10. Nothing exciting lately lol just going to school doing home work watching anime and taking naps how did your pc crash?
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