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Conversation Between Nesh and miyabikazama

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  1. Glad you liked it sis ^^
    oki then
  2. i love it is it so cool nya thank you aru oh i have a photobucket you will find my lastest pics there ok you will find aya She is so cute i hope you would look into my
  3. wuala ^^

  4. ok....well be sure I'm going to finish it these days ok! ^^
  5. yah i guess i haven't worked on edits in along time so i'm working on new ones right now
  6. are those the pictures that your talking about in the album "for signature"
    I alredy copied some of them so I'll be sure to make you a sig ok! ^^
  7. no it is fine i have the things i'm trying to to make into my siguntar but can in a folder
  8. sure post it ^^
    or if you want I can show you some renders I've got with vocaloid 2 :3
  9. Sure but i have a pic i want to be my signuture
  10. Yes but the blonde would givi it a nice touch
    I'm sure you look cute ^^

    So you always make me photos of vocaloid....How about I create a sighature for you
    would you like that
    Here are some of my doings of sigs ana avatars. Click! ^^
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