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Conversation Between Nesh and miyabikazama

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  1. It's amazing how they make them sound
    like real people...
    I mean .. even BETTER ..right ?
  2. honey!! i love that song it was song manly by meiko it comtain miku kaito len rin the utaus and the chibi version of meiko and miku i love vocaloid i love lens song spice len and rins song trick and treat lukas song just be friends they are so cool ^^
  3. I watched Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn a litlle while ago.....
    Fairy Tail, Naruto Shippuden etc..
    Oh and It doesn't matter, but Vocaloid is really cool btw
    You know once I posted "Honey"- the music video on Facebook
    It was really an awsome song!
  4. thats good i have been watching thw law of uiki, skip beat, vampire knight gultiy and it is not really an anime but vocaloid what about you
  5. I'm just a lil' bit tired
    So what's new... whatching any anime lately miyabi ??
  6. oh i'm good and you can call me miyabi ok and how are you
  7. Hey How are you miyabikazama?
  8. hello
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