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Conversation Between Nesh and Xanfiore

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  1. Exams huh? Good luck!
    Yeah, looking for experiences are great. Helps you after you've finish with your studies.
  2. That's cool. I have exams coming up, but I guess after I finish my first semester I'll try looking for a job as well or do some volunteering.
  3. Nah. Wouldn't mind it. Yeah you did. I think it's about the signature thingy.
    Well, I did try to recall who you were until I found out about your old username 'Avi-chan' and that did trigger my memory.
    I'm doing alright. On my semester break right now and am taking part-time job at some store //laughs//
    Staying at home would bored me to death so part-timing wouldn't be so bad. Overall, life is as always.
  4. Haha, it will take you days till you read all of our previous messages, but don't worry even I have forgotten most of our conversatioins. Although, there was something about calling you a master I think *blurry memory*. I do remember though that we had a lot of fun of course
    I'm doing fine. I'm in college now and I'm busy most of the time, but I try to log on as much as I can.
    I've changed my username, so you've probably must have wondered how I was at first xD
    How have you been?
  5. It's Mare-chan. How could I forget? ( actually I need to re-read our conversation to remember since my memory isn't that fabulous. so sorry ;w; but I did remember a little )
    And yes, it has been a LONG time. I barely have enough time to spend myself here since I've been busy and all.
    How about you? How is Mare-chan doing?
  6. Hey
    It's been a long time, hope you haven't forgotten me by now
  7. It's the birthday girl. So you're a big girl now? Just joking.
    Well, Happy Birthday ^w^

    ( I just hope you'll be around for at least a day but I know that you're busy so it's fine :'D )
  8. Mare-chuannn~! XD
  9. aww, and here I thought trying to fool you =/
    Guess my secret isn't a secret no more. Damn
  10. you bet it is ^^
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