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Conversation Between Pretty Face and Bulf

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  1. Hyphen I've come to capture you :E.

    I want you to improve in your GFX. If you ever can, join and post some of your work. Promise you'll get good CnC, and everyone is nice ^_^.

    I'm Manga if you want to use me as a refer or PM me as I almost never sign in on this site. Hope you join man. Would love to see you get better ^_^
  2. Sure! Let me know what they think of it
  3. Mind if I post your tutorial on vibrantFX? All credit will be given to you and I will give a link to your deviant art if you would supply it to me.
  4. I need to fix it up a bit more. Only a few changes to it and it will look better.

    Here is the 2nd version. Going to make a 3rd then maybe a fourth and be done with it.

    Oh and here is a mario one I made.

  5. Lol, why so D:? I like it! I think her hair gets in the way a bit, but otherwise nice job!
  6. This is what I got with it D:

  7. It's weirrd, but it's not letting me attach it anymoreIt's weird but it wont let me attach it anymore. here's a link to it on my DA though
  8. I still don't see the tut :S
  9. Sorry about that. When AF Crashed it killed a lot of images, so I'll put it up in a few minutes!
  10. Where is the tut?!

    I wanted to do it
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