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Conversation Between Norwegian Moose and Shini

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  1. You know what time it is. Wolf 8 is go. Did I mention everyone gets a role?

    Let's do this!
  2. Oh, I don't, but a friend of mine does c:

    I'll be sure to check game out! :]
  3. Lol, me neither. I mean, I watch Glee. GLEE.

    Anywho, come play my new Wolf game on AF! It's a Survivor-esque game that's a ton of fun. Here's the link, kind sir. Hope you come on and play!
  4. Ahahaha, thanks I guess ^.^ but yeah, I'm not the macho kinda guy... xD
  5. I think everyone thinks you're a girl because they can't believe a guy could be so awesome. -Shini
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