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Conversation Between Norwegian Moose and Kaitou+

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  1. Sorry, no, I have homework and auditions and performances up to my neck so sorry! D: But tell me when the next one is!
  2. So no Wolf for you broski?
  3. Broski, up for another round of wolf?
  4. That's summer for you, man. >w<
  5. Aaaaah.... But I'll be gone again in a week, so... Woohoo. x.x But sure, I'll join.
  6. Wolves won.

    And you can sign up on Wolf 11.
  7. It's awesome c: Is the Wolf Game still up? Who won? o3o
  8. I see.

    Oh, you had fun at your sailing vacation then, nice. xD

    Haha, yeah, doing nothing is nice. xD
  9. Yeah, hopefully this event will force them to harshen the laws... We have people from Romania who steals purses just to get in jail... It's that nice.

    Anyway, yeah, I was in Malta first then at a sailing vacation. It was great! I did a lot of things, I...

    ...errrrr I didn't do a lot. Nothing, actually. Which is the definition of vacation for me o3o
  10. No prob. Yeah, basically he showed what the one of the cells looks like there. >-> It basically looked like a 2 or 3 star hotel. O.o That's what irritates me. >.> He slaughtered a lot of innocent people and he doesn't get what he deserves. >w<

    You told me that you were going in a small vacation a few weeks back, how did that go? =)
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