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Conversation Between TadashiED and -Sasuke Uchiha-

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  1. lol ^_<
  2. Hey hey nothing wrong with eating! I love eating anything I can. Food is like air LOL
  3. Mine would be eating turkey with cranberry sauce during this Christmas Eve ^_^ I only know to eat >_< Shame on me
  4. Well, it used to be about the presents, but that last like, 5 years or so I haven't asked for anything. I just tell people to save their money. Nowadays, there's really nothing that I could consider my favorite about Christmas. Probably just getting together with family and the food xD
  5. What's your favorite thing about Christmas?
  6. Ohh nice. And yeah I do celebrate
  7. Btw, do you celebrate Christmas this year?
  8. Nope because I had done it last month lol
  9. Thanks man. Do you have finals coming up?
  10. Good luck for the final.
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