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Conversation Between TadashiED and Sighanide

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  1. It has been a long time! and that's kinda...unfortunate lol. How you been! besides your pancreas..
  2. It's been.... a long time........... and my pancreas hurts again.
  3. Hmm...other than meeting some new people, I entered a charity volleyball tournament that's this Friday. Pretty excited for that since it's been awhile since I've played. In my elementary days, I was actually the best setter in the city but I didn't play on in high school xD
    And go ahead but I don't go on steam anymore. I used to just play Borderlands 2 but I stopped to play Guild Wars 2 and I don't even play that much anymore ever since Halo 4 and BO2 came out for xbox :P
  4. Well, Anything interesting happen as of late?

    wait, you have a steam account? O_O
    I'mma go friend you xD
  5. What about me? :P
  6. Yeah, I guess xP
    well, what about you?
  7. Airsoft competition?! That sounds tooooo sick! Too bad you got hurt LOL. Man, I can't even imagine what it's like not just falling, but slipping off a rooftop onto cement. At least you're okay now
  8. Let's Just say, Running on a roof, rain, and cement are not the most pleasant mix. You're probably wondering why i was running on the roof. Well, it was an Airsoft competition (a big one), I was Sniping on a rooftop (got some good shots in, like a boss), When I started getting shot at from the bushes (didn't see that one coming), and I started to run back inside, when I slipped, and fell off the roof and onto the cement. Ow.
  9. Oufff how'd you do that? and ouch, not just your arm, but your wallet too xD
  10. I've been pretty good
    Sprained my arm, and now am 250 bucks less, but otherwise pretty nice xD
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