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Conversation Between Shōsha and ╬Karami Mew~Meow

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  1. Oh >.<
    Well, i guess important things comes before fun things XD
    I just hope that whatever you do, that's it's going okay, and your happy to do it =)
  2. yeah >< seems like i really wont be in AF much at all
  3. Woho, i've finally had some stuff to do XD, that's why i wasnt able to reply until now.
    Hopefully your busy doing stuff that's fun ^^
  4. yeah too bad =/ ~ well i hope to talk to you more soon ^^ .. there sure are a lot going on this year for me.
  5. Oh, and i got so much time that i don't really know what to do XD
    Wish i could give you some of mine, heh. To bad it dosn't work that way ^^
  6. ehhhh i wish i had that much time =/ unfortunately I am uber busy and have tons to do. no time to be doin nothing
  7. Good news, i found the phone XD, it was downstairs in a bowl (now how the heck did it end up there? o.O)
    Woke up and i'm all alone in the house (woho!), now i don't really know what to do >.<
  8. ahhh thank youuu shosha ^.^
    lol yeah i tend to forget where my phone is even though its in my pocket lmao
  9. Uuuuh, not much. Just woke up >.O
    Can't seem to find my phone though o.O

    I checked out your Cosplay-pictures, wow! They are awesome =)
  10. wazzaaap shosha ~
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