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Conversation Between Shōsha and The_Angry_Princess

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  1. Didn't say that I was smart XD
    Well, take care and see ya ^^
  2. Well smart dummy, well I got to go I'll talk to you later bye
  3. Well, erhm. Freedom of speech is not accepted by everyone <.< Should have know that though. I mean, I went to a military school XD
  4. Why did you drop out
  5. Hmm, well. Crap so far XD, and the future will most likely be crap to. But after that, then it might be better ^^
    And I don't go to school any longer, dropped out/got kicked out and started working instead ^^
  6. Everything is going good so far XD, what about you
  7. Yepp ^^, so. What's up?. How's school? (stupid question, I know. <.<)
  8. oh that sucks when you still do something from your past
  9. Old habit, my girlfriend's fault <.<

  10. lol whats with the wink
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